about us

Good food is produced when every part of the supply chain works
together, from the field to the table.
At ASIF, we only have one way of doing business: ‘Good for you,
good for the planet’.
This means constantly innovating and improving our products to
provide people with high-quality foods that are healthy, sourced
from responsible supply chains and inspired by the healthy- natural nutritional lifestyle and Mediterranean Diet.
Our journey began more than 40 years ago as a small,
family-owned company with a single, homemade spices, and
additives at the food industries. Today we produce food from the
pasta, couscous, giant couscous and breadcrumbs category.

Our Brand has expended to consumers, Foodservice and Industrial
customers from across the globe.

we provide creative inspiration for every meal with our simple yet
flavorful dishes.
Our easy-to-prepare products offer everyone a variety of great

tastes and authentic flavors from around the world.
ASIF takes pride in using only the best ingredients in our products. all
our products are Certified Kosher. Our refreshing new labeled
packages are a symbol of our dedication to simple, high-quality
food made with recognizable and authentic ingredients.
We believe in a simple- safe products,
And our 40 years of experience in the health food production,|helped us developing a core range of grains and ‘good-for-you’
ingredients to offer consumers variety and convenience food.
Our delicious products are available nationally in supermarkets and
specialty food stores also in the food service and industrials markets.
Which is to say that what we have become is what our great
customers have allowed us to be.
From spices to food additives, pasta, giant pearl couscous,
traditional couscous, breadcrumbs, ready meals and sauces, after
all, our offering are a direct reflection of what our customers are
looking to source.
Our team, our colleagues all the way and our great loyal clients- all
help us to be the great global customer-oriented company we are.
Many different people contribute to our products, from seed
\producers to farmers, from stockiest to millers and giant couscous
makers. Each one provides a specific and essential contribution
towards a quality manufacturing.