Quality assurance

The simplicity of our product is just one aspect of our high-quality products.
The most outstanding advantage we have using a very few raw materials is that we can
ensure and know by expert all the suppliers available in the market
and to be able to analyze them all regarding all important and
relevant aspects required and compare among all existing players in the market to choose the safest
and most suitable high quality for Asif production. So we’re sure we’re using the best raw materials available.
ASIF personnel visit each source and supplier, ensuring the finest quality raw materials are chosen for our production.
And with the best raw materials we make sure all steps of the production, processing, distribution and storage meet the highest
standards guaranteeing a superior traceability
and safety. ASIF is dedicated to supply the highest quality
and with hard work and consistently we perform, action, and maintain a quality routine
assuring each step of the way maintaining our strict requirements. ASIF proudly holds our Grade AA Certification
of the BRC Global food safety standards for the last 7 years straight.
We also hold an organic USDA National organic, a Kosher certification, ISO 9001
We believe in quality, and We are dedicated to providing our customers with products we believe in.