private label

Your Brand- Private Label

Let us share our experience with you and Bring
YOUR BRAND to life!
Over the years ASIFs achievement as the contract manufacturer
for many years and of many customers private products makes
us the perfect partner for your new product.
From fully containers of 1 ton bulks to small series and start of
products in process we produce and or pack according to your
taste and financial requirements.
ASIFs develop department cooks up innovative product solution.
We work hand in hand with customers to create your dream
product alive.
We are excited to share our capabilities and present to you your
next up coming unique custom product.

Contact us for additional details, including Private Label
Capabilities, Custom products, new stock items and your
packing needs.

Packaging Options

200+50 gr

350 gr

400 gr

500 gr

900 gr

1 kg

200 gr

350 gr

500 gr

Toasted Pasta: 295 gr Couscous: 385 gr

Toasted Pasta: 600 gr Couscous: 750 gr

Toasted Pasta: 1.36 kg Couscous: 1.7 kg

2.27 kg

kg 5

10 kg

500kg - 1 tone