Toasted Pasta


ASIFs Wonderful Giant
couscous toasted pasta,
Made from 100% wheat
flour toasted in a flame
oven to achieve its deep
roasted flavor.
Cooks in minutes to a
hearty dish, adding a
slightly savory flavor
and a delicious chewy
texture to every meal.


With Onion


3 Colors


With Noodles



Green Series

In celebration of nearly 45 years of production food goodness, we’ve gone all out to make it better. In that spirit, our couscous masters headed
back to the kitchen on a mission for healthier yet yummy products. After
hundreds of batches and licked bowls, we came up with a richer, more flavorful recipe. Even the ingredients got an upgrade for better texture! You’ll notice, however, that one thing is
staying the same our commitment to never using any GMOs, artificial flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives. Now headed to you in the green Serie Healthier, whole wheat, wholegrain Organic and all natural. All ORGANIC products meets the
USDA organic regulation.


Legumes & wheat Giant couscous


Wholegrains Spelt

Rice, White bean, Red lentil, Buckwheat & Chickpea - Giant couscous

Whole Wheat

Organic Whole Wheat

Organic Whole Wheat


Animal, letters, Geometric shapes or Numbers- shapes that are easy to cook and fun to serve, your kids will gobble them up Especially for kids with so much fun Now also available in
3 color, whole wheat, Spelt and wholegrain Spelt.
Made with 100% natural highest quality ingredients in the perfect
bite size. prepare quickly and easy to chew, the right solution for a complete, light and genuine nutritious meal.


Geometric shapes