About Asif

ASIF FOOD INDUSTRIES is a 40 year old family-owned company.

We produce Toasted pasta, Couscous, Giant couscous, Breadcrumbs, Sauces, and other products in the pasta category.

we provide creative inspiration with our simple yet flavorful dishes.

Our easy-to-prepare products offer everyone a variety of great

tastes and authentic flavors from around the world.

Our Brand has expended to consumers, Foodservice and Industrial

customers from across the globe.

ASIF takes pride in using only the best all natural ingredients in our products.

All our products are Certified Kosher, and ASIF company holds the highest QA standards BRC certification- Grade AA.

We believe in a simple- safe products and we will be honored to offer you ASIF products and private label options.

Contact us for additional details.