Our Vision

ASIF- It is natural to take it home. Our primal goal is to create high-quality products from natural ingredients only. By choosing ASIF you can be sure you have chosen a top-quality product which is also delicious and healthy. ASIF products are basic, and they are consumed at every house in Israel. Even nowadays, as we are caught up in the race of life and hardly have the time to stop and look closely at things, it is important to us to ensure that choosing ASIF products will be the smartest and most logical choice to make.  Choosing ASIF products guaranties high-quality food that is made from the best and most natural ingredients and therefore it is natural to take ASIF home.


we at ASIF purchase only excellent ingredients from the best and most reliable suppliers; using the most advanced processes as well as development, production and packaging techniques, we produce our high-quality products– especially for you!


ASIF- It is natural to take it home. ASIF line of products, which are marked as wholly natural, guaranties we have indeed let 100% of only natural ingredients to our home and allows us to feel completely comfortable to choose what to eat.

Feels like home

For years ASIF has brought to your home the authentic, delicious and familiar taste that you love so much. ASIF line of products has been part of the homely taste we all know for 40 years; it is a part of our childhood memories, together with smells of home and of hot meals.


ASIF is using advanced development, production and packaging techniques and is up-to-date with the world leading technologies. We are constantly in touch with our customers’ needs and pay close attention to your comments in order to develop the following products especially for you -especially for you!

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